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Latest Invasion comics! [Jul. 26th, 2010|09:19 am]
Fans of Jacen & Anakin Solo, NJO, LOTF, & FOTJ



Star Wars: Invasion 6: Rescues, Part 1 The Yuuzhan Vong invasion spreads death and destruction across the galaxy, leaving behind ravaged worlds with little hope of survival…Artorias, the homeworld of the Galfridian family lay in the path of the Yuuzhan Vong armada—and now, though separated, Finn, Kaye, Nina, and Caled work to fight the invaders with the hope that one day they will again be together on their peaceful planet.

Finn studies at the Jedi temple with Luke Skywalker and the grown Jedi children of Han Solo and Princess Leia! Kaye and Nina use a Yuuzhan Vong slave ship to attack their former captors! Caled raises forces on Artorias—not knowing the danger from one of his trusted allies!

Star Wars: Invasion 7: Rescues, Part 2 New and vital knowledge sends Finn Galfridian with Jacen and Jaina Solo on a mission to the planet of Artorias. Though Finn does not know if his father, Caled, lives, if there is any chance, he must be warned of new dangers. It's a hot and dangerous ride to Artorias, and the occupying Yuuzhan Vong are ready with a toothsome, ravaging welcome…

Meanwhile, Kaye and Nina, board their newly acquired Vong ship, embark on their own mission. It's one they can't refuse: rescuing captives held on a dead planet. There is no telling what peril will meet the rescue party…

Star Wars: Invasion 8: Rescues, Part 3 Two armies have joined forces for a dangerous rescue mission. Both have experience fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, but this time the encounter takes an unexpected turn, and more is revealed about their enemy's strange capabilities...

Meanwhile, Finn Galfridian and the Solo children race to warn Finn's father that a trusted friend is a deadly enemy!

[User Picture]From: starkravinggood
2010-08-05 01:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I SO need to get these...
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