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Essay: Between Light and Darkness- A tribute to Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus

Question by [info]angel_in_tears
What is your favourite thing about Darth Caedus?

Beware of Spoilers for New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force

Between Light and Darkness

To say I have a favourite thing about Darth Caedus is probably not the phrase to describe what I "feel" for this character.

To define the subject more I should first describe to those who don't know him what this character from the fandom Star Wars is about.
Darth Caedus also formerly known as Jacen Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, heroes of the New Republic, was born into difficult times together with his twin sister Jaina Solo. Both were strong in the force and shared a strong twin bond through which they could connect without talking.

Despite dark times they shared a light childhood but at the brink of adulthood darkness entered their lives with heaviness again

Read the rest here and feel free to comment: The war between light and dark

A philosophic look at Jacen's life and his turn to the dark side...debating if he was really that bad...
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Two Destinies- Jaina Solo, Darth Caedus slide show

Title: Two Destinies
Song: Lost along the away, Only One by Alex Max Band
Time: Legacy of the Force Era
Jaina Solo, Darth Caedus (Tenel Ka, Allana)
Description: In my opinion Jacen chose the right way and he never became a different person even as Caedus he was still Jacen. Jacen had always questioned his ways, he was always unsure what to do, afraid to use the force. With the path of the Sith he gathered security for the first time of his life and exactly knew what to do. He had a goal: To save the galaxy. This goal in life didn't seperate him from Jaina. It's just another way. Jaina chose to be a jedi, Jacen chose to be a Sith.

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 Hi, I want to write a Jacen/Anakin sex fic. 

But I haven't been around Starwars much in recent years, so I need your help:

1. I need a prompt to write about them.

2. I need help reinserting my self into the Starwars Universe.

If you're interested, comment on this post to talk to me :D  

If you're interested in my slash sex writing skills, read the gay fics on my journal for FFXIII.

I hope to write a sexy story :D

Question to the community about character Dab

Can somebody tell me about this guy who has popped up a couple of times so far in the Fate of the Jedi series? His name is Dab (I'm sorry, a name that ridiculous makes it hard to take the character seriously) and I assume he has been in other stories since the other characters seem to know him but I just can't remember much about that older storyline. I know someone did plastic surgery on him when he was younger to make him look like Anakin Solo. Why didn't he ever have surgery to make himself look like he originally did since it's kind of creepy wearing a dead guy's face? Nothing's been said but I'm assuming he's not a Force user. Did he have any kind of relationship with Tahiri and what do the Solo and Skywalker families think of him?

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